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Re: [APD] The Chinese problem

On 10/23/07, Bob Crosby <rtcrosby at charter_net> wrote:
> Liz,
> I certainly didn't intend my comments as a swipe toward anybody here.

Oh, I know that!  Your point was many people feed the cheapest crap they can
get away with.  (They do that with fish, too, and you can see huge changes
if they are switched to better and a wider variety of foods.)

My point was that differentiating between crap and quality, even when
reading labels, investigating, and using the tried and true best isn't
easy.  The cat that died was fed pouch food as a nightly treat.  All pouch
foods contain some form of gluten to make the gravy, which is not a bad
thing for dogs or cats, so it is an ingredient in even high quality foods.

With regards to the Off Topic issue -- yes, this is off topic.  This list is
a community, and it acts like one.
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