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Re: [APD] The Chinese problem

It's always amazed me that people would feed their dogs and cats such crap
to begin with. Low quality dog food, for example, contains gluten and other
low-grade protein sources and fillers, while something like Eukanuba or
Bil-Jac is animal protein, imminently more digestible and healthy for the
animal. If you're going to keep any sort of animals, feed them the highest
quality food you can get your hands on, for they have no choice(s) other
than what their owners provide!

Just my opinion... I could be wrong....


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The reason supposedly was that melamine is a cheap filler that  registers on
tests as protein.  Therefore they could spike the stuff with melamine and
sell a lower protein content protein meal (gluten is wheat protein).    I
saw very few pets while I was in china.   One cat, one dog.   Most other
poor areas I have been to are over run with feral cats. I don't think the
plant manager was all that concerned about it.

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