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[APD] Nutrafin CO2 problems

Three or four months ago I bought a Nutrafin Co2 kit. I mixed up the junk
per the directions and it worked spectacularly well. When it ran out I
mixed them up again and again it worked spectacularly well.

The next time I took to heart what was written here and only added more sugar
and water to a bit of the old yeasty sludge in the cannister. Nothing happened.
I gave it two weeks. Nothing happened.

Three days ago I took the cannister off and dumped out what looked like a
looking amd smelling mixture. It should have made CO2 I think. But didn't.

So I cleaned the cannister out well, used no soap or chemicals, filled it up
the correct amount of sugar, yeast and bicarb, the latter from the packets
that came with the thing. I used room temperature tapwater. There's no chlorine
here, just well water passed through a UV filter, sediement then carbon
filter. No
silver carbon block, just regular activated carbon. It's the same water I
used the
other times.

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch three days alter.

The hose isn't plugged, I blew through it and bubbles came out easily.

The room this is in someties goes down to 64 sometimes it's 80 in there.
I thought for a moment it was too cold and that killed the yeast but then
I realized I keep bakers yeast in the fridge (and remembered that it can be
frozen) so I don't think that's it.

WTF is going on? Why do I have no bubbles?


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