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Re: [APD] The Chinese problem

On 10/23/07, Stuart Halliday <stuart at mytriops_com> wrote:
> I'd love to know why Chinese animal food sellers sold the Western world
> animal feed with dangerous chemicals like melamine that killed farm
> animals,
> dogs, cats and fish?

Funny, I wonder if that product was sold as animal feed or simply as a
consumable that happened to be purchased only by people supplying to animal
food manufacturers.  My cat had to be put down with severe kidney failure
after that incident.

So it seems to me that China has lots of people willing to take bribes to
> overlook food and health standards of all types of goods exported to other
> countries. Or maybe they have these same types of problems internally?

I read a number of articles after the pet food  problems about significant
numbers of Chinese people who die every year from poisoned food manufactured
in China.

Can we trust items to be safe from China?

I don't.  I look at the preventable deaths in China  -- they kill miners
left and right there, bad food on the shelves for Chinese people, etc. --
and I don't think they give a rat's hiney about human life.

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