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[APD] The Chinese problem

I believe Edward Venn wrote this email section below:
> Chinese products run on Sony Time. That's because most of the companies
> contracting for them are Japanese. Companies such as ADA ask Chinese
> manufacturers to build products and they expect a certain number to be
> defective. Those get refused but they are good enough for the Chinese
> market and they get sold to jobbers. The jobbers then mark up the prices
> and sell the products to the eBay resellers. 

> BTW those batteries that had
> to be recalled were built for Sony using Sony's specs. When Sony Time
> kicked in it did so with a vengeance.

Those batteries were found to be defective. They had a high level of 
particle contamination in them. Out of spec in other words. So hardly in 
Sony's specs.

In any quality system you have inspection points. Obviously they (Sony or 
their supplier) either didn't inspect down to the level of chemical 
contaminates or they just didn't bother. Maybe Sony didn't bother inspecting 
the batteries regularly or the Sony inspectors were bribed? Heck maybe they 
trusted their suppliers?

BTW, Toshiba also got duff batteries.

I'd love to know why Chinese animal food sellers sold the Western world 
animal feed with dangerous chemicals like melamine that killed farm animals, 
dogs, cats and fish?

Putting in a chemical just so they can raise a few digits on the protein 
percentage so it appears to be more nutritious on the label, smacks of 
deliberate deceit and a disregard for human or animal life.


Though it appears at least one government man has been executed for taking 
bribes in this area.

So it seems to me that China has lots of people willing to take bribes to 
overlook food and health standards of all types of goods exported to other 
countries. Or maybe they have these same types of problems internally?

Can we trust items to be safe from China?
Would you give a baby a Chinese made teething ring for example?
I know here in the UK we test goods coming into the country destined for 
children. But other areas, like pet products, are probably less well tested.

I bet if I was to ask my retailer about trusting their Chinese goods, I'd 
get a ignorant response. Oh hum.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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