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Re: [APD] The Chinese problem

On 10/23/07, Bob Crosby < rtcrosby at charter_net> wrote:
> It's always amazed me that people would feed their dogs and cats such crap
> to begin with. Low quality dog food, for example, contains gluten and
> other
> low-grade protein sources and fillers, while something like Eukanuba or
> Bil-Jac is animal protein, imminently more digestible and healthy for the
> animal. If you're going to keep any sort of animals, feed them the highest
> quality food you can get your hands on, for they have no choice(s) other
> than what their owners provide!
> Just my opinion... I could be wrong....

FYI, the "crap" I fed to my cat was Nutro Natural Choice, Royal Canin and
Eukanuba.  What food didn't have it in there?  Friskies, a brand commonly
considered crap that people who supposedly don't care about their animals
feed them.

Eukanuba dog food was also recalled.


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