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[APD] Chinese lights

Chinese products run on Sony Time. That's because most of the companies contracting for them are Japanese. Companies such as ADA ask Chinese manufacturers to build products and they expect a certain number to be defective. Those get refused but they are good enough for the Chinese market and they get sold to jobbers. The jobbers then mark up the prices and sell the products to the eBay resellers. BTW those batteries that had to be recalled were built for Sony using Sony's specs. When Sony Time kicked in it did so with a vengeance.

But just to answer your questions, read on

> Do those come with free lead? 
i hope so, I wouldn't want to pay for it. Better to get it free

> I hope it's not the same manufacturing 
> company that made all those batteries last year, or the capacitors a 
> couple of years ago. No, problem there that was Japanese quality control at work. If you don't believe me ask Sony.

> On the other hand there's Chinese made Marcedes (suspension) parts
> that are better than the OEM TRW parts.
> So I don't buy the "if it's Chinese it's crap" idea. Another happy customer with $90 MiniOne iClone mobile phone! Better than the iPhone and it's programmable.

Remember you get what you pay for. Chinese parts cost the same as foreign made parts the difference is the cost of labour. If a product costs a little bit less then you can be sure that it's well made and the difference is the cost of labour. If it's so cheap that you can't believe then don't believe it.

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