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Re: [APD] The Chinese problem


I certainly didn't intend my comments as a swipe toward anybody here. I used
to feed Eukanuba to my dogs and switched to Bil-Jac, which uses chicken meat
and organs (no beaks, feet, or feathers) as its primary protein source, does
not contain any gluten meals, including wheat, rice, or corn gluten meal,
and all grains used in their foods are grown and harvested domestically. It
is not as well known as some of the "big" names like Eukanuba or Iams, but
has been used by breeders for years. And their cat food is of equal quality.

I've always tried to find and feed the best I can, as I believe, as
obviously you do as well, that it is a benefit not only to the animals, but
to their people as well, due to better health, higher energy levels, and
less poop to pick up....

And now back to the fishies....  ;-)


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On 10/23/07, Bob Crosby < rtcrosby at charter_net> wrote:
> It's always amazed me that people would feed their dogs and cats such 
> crap
> to begin with. Low quality dog food, for example, contains gluten and 
> other low-grade protein sources and fillers, while something like 
> Eukanuba or Bil-Jac is animal protein, imminently more digestible and 
> healthy for the animal. If you're going to keep any sort of animals, 
> feed them the highest quality food you can get your hands on, for they 
> have no choice(s) other than what their owners provide!
> Just my opinion... I could be wrong....

FYI, the "crap" I fed to my cat was Nutro Natural Choice, Royal Canin and
Eukanuba.  What food didn't have it in there?  Friskies, a brand commonly
considered crap that people who supposedly don't care about their animals
feed them.

Eukanuba dog food was also recalled.


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