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Re: NFC: Adopt-A-Tank fine tuning

I was thinking the exact same thing.  Those fishing shows on TNN have
got to be looking for something to break up the footage (how many times
do you need to see Roland Martin kiss a bass and say, "what a pretty
fish?").  Also, there may be similar opportunities in mags such as Field
and Stream, In-Fisherman, and whatever elese is out there.  If you want
to target a big market (especially in the southeast), try the Bass
Anglers Sportsmans Society (B.A.S.S).


> And what about TNN?  They have SO MANY fishing shows.  Think just ONE of
> them would spend five minutes on the air talking about what the ERP is
> doing to preserve America's fishing experience?  (I know they are doing
> a LOT more than that, but presented in this light it will be more
> appealing I think to that crowd).
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