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Re: NFC: Adopt-A-Tank fine tuning

> While it isn't necessarily steering the direction of Adopt-a-Tank, might
> it be valuable to package a few lesson plans for teachers of different
> age groups to use the tank as a teaching tool more effectively?  Most
> teachers probably don't know any more about native fishes than the
> average Joe citizen and might appreciate some of their "homework" being
> done for them.

Pre-packaged lesson plans sound like a great idea to me! They would
definitely increase the value of the program.

> Not only on the web site, but in the media.  Local news shows love to
> put the occaisional public service story on the air, to help lighten
> people up after delivering all the bad news of the day.  Invite camera
> crews and journalists on collection trips.  Or when the teacher is > doing a lesson plan maybe.  Getting the TV news to cover it would be > more of a challenge but getting someone from the local paper to come > out should be easy.

I've seen a couple of basic cable programs on a channel called "Animal
Planet" that have run spots on aquariums and little known native
critters. I even saw one show where some local aquarium society member
got in front of the camera and explained how to set up an aquarium. Some
of the inane garbage I've seen these shows highlight leads me to believe
they are occasionally hard up for interesting material. Native fish and
the NFC just might be something they would deem worthy for their shows.

> I'd like to revisit an idea I put out on the table a few weeks ago. 
> What do you think of the idea of making an Adopt-A-Tank video? 
> Something that shows how to set the tank up, how to collect fish, how to
> care for the tank, and finally some information about the different
> families of fish that live in the U.S.?

I think making videotapes would be a good idea, but that may be a
project that would be better off waiting until the capability is there
to create something better than camcorder quality. Perhaps some of us
college-going members could look into getting help from our schools
communications/media departments. Students are always looking for good
projects in order to get a grade. Heck, the Adopt-A-Tank Program gave me
a B+ in my tech writing class (points were taken off for not having any
graphics/diagrams and not making each section immediately available at
the beginning)!

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