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Re: NFC: NFC domain name....Help wanted (LONG RESPONSE)

> I've been reading about the Adopt-A-Tank program and it sounds great. 
> I'd love to see that outreach program grow.  If we are encouraging
> schools to Adopt-A-Tank, then can we not also encourage NFC members to
> Adopt-A-School and get something started there?

My thoughts exactly Chris. I've approached several groups about the
program since its start, given them copies of it, made them aware of the
NFC and what it's about, and so forth. Everyone seems very interested at
first... then nothing. Perhaps the thought of having to look for
donations scares them off, or even the prospect of maintaining such a
project. I'm planning to recontact some of these people to offer to do
much of the legwork for them, and let them know that I will always be in
the area to lend a hand. I think (initialy at least) it will take some
hands on effort from NFC members to really get the ball rolling. The
Adopt-A-Tank program really does provide a wonderful learning
opportunity for the kids and the adults in charge.

Tony Gustafson

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