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NFC: Pre-packaged Lesson Plans

After giving the subject more thought, I think that creating
pre-packaged lesson plans to coincide with the Adopt-A-Tank Program
might not be the best activity for us to attempt after all. One of the
benefits of the program is the ability of each project to be molded and
develop to best fit the desires of its sponsors. Pre-packaged lesson
plans, no matter carefully planned in advance, may not mesh exactly with
the goals of many adult supervisors involved. Thus the headache of
creating the plans, and the resultant disatisfaction of those involved,
would not be worth the effort. 

What if, instead of prepackaged lesson plans, simple resource
directories for the possible educational paths listed in the AATP
protocol (and any others that may be suggested) were provided instead?
These directories could provide direct links to relevant articles in the
archives, point out appropriate message lists, other web sites, titles
of journals (including issue numbers and article titles) and books
(including chapter numbers), and so forth. Thus, any research required
of the AATP adult supervisors would be made much easier, and may lead
them to new ideas/objectives satisfactory to their desires.

Tony Gustafson