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NFC: Adopt-A-Tank fine tuning

Tony wrote:

> My thoughts exactly Chris. I've approached several groups about the
> program since its start, given them copies of it, made them aware of the
> NFC and what it's about, and so forth. Everyone seems very interested at
> first... then nothing. 

This could be significant.  Has anyone else noticed the same pattern?

> Perhaps the thought of having to look for
> donations scares them off, or even the prospect of maintaining such a
> project. 

I think it would be valuable to determine what part of the system is
breaking down here, and also if it is pervasive among other members as
well.  Anyone?  Anyone?

> I'm planning to recontact some of these people to offer to do
> much of the legwork for them, and let them know that I will always be in
> the area to lend a hand. 

I hope you post the results.  I think we can all learn from this.

> I think (initialy at least) it will take some
> hands on effort from NFC members to really get the ball rolling. The
> Adopt-A-Tank program really does provide a wonderful learning
> opportunity for the kids and the adults in charge.

The information on the web page seems to put greater emphasis on self
sufficiency on the part of the educator, while providing an NFC contact
point as an available resource.  Do you think the response would be more
positive if NFC did more of the steering?

Many pet shops sell really low-end tank packages for about $20 that
consist of a tank, air pump, filter, air stone, a net, and some food. 
Now for most tropical tanks I think these things are useless but I
wonder if we could help educators by prepackaging the basic components
for them.  Or pointing them to a resource that their school orders from
frequently (like Carolina Biologic Supply ... errr.. I *think* that is
their name) and give them the actual part numbers to order.  Just
throwing ideas out there.  But do you think it is this more intensive
level of hand-holding and guidance that is missing and maybe causing
them to lose interest?

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