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Re: NFC: Adopt-A-Tank fine tuning

> I think it would be valuable to determine what part of the system is
> breaking down here, and also if it is pervasive among other members as
> well.  Anyone?  Anyone?

It could just be a time factor as well. Most schools are getting ready
to shut down for the summer (if they haven't already done so), and the
nature centers I have approached have schedules that would make a
military commander blanch. My eagerness to see some projects start up
has led to a certain degree of impatience on my part, but I do not want
to turn off prospective project supporters through constant pestering. I
think by showing them that the NFC is always there to help will
eventually lead to more positive responses.

> The information on the web page seems to put greater emphasis on self
> sufficiency on the part of the educator, while providing an NFC > contact point as an available resource.  Do you think the response > would be more positive if NFC did more of the steering?

There are a lot of ways in which the program can be utilized, and it was
written in a way that attempts to make that fact known. I think it is
important to make it known that NFC does not intend to control the
adopt-a-tank projects, just be there on a continual basis to provide
support in any way it can. Ideally, the projects should eventualy be
self sufficient and NFC's importance as a resource should not be

However, should anyone see parts of the adopt-a-tank protocol that they
think should be emphasized more (or less) or changed in any way, by all
means, please make your thoughts known for discussion. Every little bit
will help the future success of the program.

> But do you think it is this more intensive
> level of hand-holding and guidance that is missing and maybe causing
> them to lose interest?

Could be in some cases, but the program has really only been around for
a month or two. But perhaps you're right, maybe more attention from NFC
will help get things rolling. I think once more projects and their
accomplishments are made visible on the web site, greater interest will

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