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Re: NFC: Adopt-A-Tank fine tuning

Tony wrote:

> I've seen a couple of basic cable programs on a channel called "Animal
> Planet" that have run spots on aquariums and little known native
> critters. I even saw one show where some local aquarium society member
> got in front of the camera and explained how to set up an aquarium. Some
> of the inane garbage I've seen these shows highlight leads me to believe
> they are occasionally hard up for interesting material. Native fish and
> the NFC just might be something they would deem worthy for their shows.

And what about TNN?  They have SO MANY fishing shows.  Think just ONE of
them would spend five minutes on the air talking about what the ERP is
doing to preserve America's fishing experience?  (I know they are doing
a LOT more than that, but presented in this light it will be more
appealing I think to that crowd).

> I think making videotapes would be a good idea, but that may be a
> project that would be better off waiting until the capability is there
> to create something better than camcorder quality. Perhaps some of us
> college-going members could look into getting help from our schools
> communications/media departments. Students are always looking for good
> projects in order to get a grade. 

You make some good points here.


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