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NFC: BOUNCE nfc at actwin_com: Non-member submission from ["Mark Barnett"<mark at fishlinkcentral_com>] (fwd)

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I like nativefish.org.

As for my site, Fish Link Central, links to the native fish articles on
NFC's site can be added to Fish Link Central's article database.
Anyone can add to the database. I probably need to add a "native fish"
section to the categories. If any one has an article, and needs web space,
send it to me and I can include it on FLC.

As for the photos, I can add them to Fish Link Central list and it could
have a link back to NFC.

NFC may want to join my other site, Fish Link Exchange
http://www.fishlinkexchange.com/. This is just like Link Exchange but only
for aquarium fish sites. This is free. I will also be running banners for
NFC Auctions during the auction period.

Mark Barnett
Fish Link Central