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Re: [APD] Sources of DIY Material

the only thing i can think of that will fit your situation since your 
home depot doesnt have the darker tan stuff like here, which isnt good 
anyway since it hardens water, is Black Beauty. I've heard mixed reults 
on it's use. It's Slag, and black, and very very high in iron since... 
well it's slag. and it's 20 size grit. i dont think theres anyway you 
shouldnt be able to find it if it's even something you'll find useful. i 
know people have used it I just havent personnally. just look up black 

Jerry Baker wrote:

>urville wrote:
>>Jerry are you seeking large grit Silica/Quartz?
>I am looking for anything that isn't white/light and is sized 16-grit or 
>even 20-grit. Texblast (if you've ever seen it) is great. The pictures 
>of the brown stuff at http://www.a1grit.com/granules_blended.htm are 
>good. Just something that is natural and small-grained.
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