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Re: [APD] Sources of DIY Material

Rex Grigg wrote:
> That is the page for 3M ColorQuartz for floors.  Also take a look at the 
> color blends.  3M has been very helpful.  If you call them they are more 
> than happy to inform you where you can buy this product in your area.

I really do appreciate your effort in responding, but from what I gather 
the 3M stuff will be too expensive. I need something like 300 pounds and 
I'm not willing to spend $120 for it. For the same price in gas I could 
drive to about Albuquerque, NM to find a place that sells Texblast.

I will try on Monday just to see if someone will offer it as cheaply as 
I used to get Texblast in Colorado for. I also found a place called A1 
Grit that sells some beautifully colored ceramic-coated stuff they call 
"granules" (http://www.a1grit.com/granules_blended.htm). I have an email 
pending with them to see if this stuff is drinking-water safe (easier 
than asking someone if they know how toxic it is to fish), and if the 
particle size is in the neighborhood of what is needed in an aquarium. 
I'll screen it if I have to.

I'm about to go hunt for my own gravel with a soil screen, but first I 
have to find somewhere that sells one of those ;)

Jerry Baker
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