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Re: [APD] Sources of DIY Material

Jerry Baker wrote:

>Rex Grigg wrote:
>>But really in LA it should have taken no more than 3 minutes with the 
>>yellow pages and one or two phone calls.  You need to think outside the 
>>(glass) box and think about what you are trying to find.  You wanted 
>>sand.  I'm not sure where you looked.  But immediately I would think 
>>Sand Blasting, and then Industrial Supply Houses.  Sand Blasting supply 
>>places would of course carry a large variety of sand.  Industrial Supply 
>>Houses of course carry large varieties of bulk materials of all sorts, 
>>sand included.
>You would think sand would be easy to find in an area surrounded by 
>gravel pits, but it's not. I have spent the last 3 hours driving from 
>one gravel and sand dealer to another with no results. Everyone only 
>sells white sand. Nobody has anything darker than an off-white.
>Does any one know where you can get darker sand in the Los 
>Angeles/Orange County area?
Ahh... you want color.  Find a dealer that carries 3M ColorQuartz.  It's 
designed for swimming pool use and many people have used it with great 
success in planted tanks.

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