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Re: [APD] Sources of DIY Material

Rex Grigg wrote:
> Ahh... you want color.  Find a dealer that carries 3M ColorQuartz.  It's 
> designed for swimming pool use and many people have used it with great 
> success in planted tanks.

I just want a natural gravel/sand that isn't white. I have spent all day 
calling and driving to every place that could conceivably carry sand or 
gravel with no luck. Even the landscaping places who should specialize 
in aesthetics do not carry anything except white. When I ask them where 
someone might get gravel or sand that is not white they sound confused, 
like I have just asked them where they hide the aliens.

If you want *real* comic relief, walk into a plumbing supply place and 
ask them where their bulkhead fittings are. I'm not even talking about 
wasting your time at Home Depot, but in an actual plumbing supply place. 
One guy asked me what a "bull head" was. I have not yet run into a 
single person at any store that even knows what a bulkhead is. When I 
try to explain that a bulkhead is how you connect a pipe to a water 
tank, they invariably say something like, "Oh, we don't sell tanks." I 
even tried a different approach and said, "If a customer walked in here 
and told you they needed assistance connecting a 1" PVC pipe to a water 
tank, what would you tell them." Their answer? "I don't know."

I am stunned. I don't have any other words for today. Unbelievable. 
There has to be other people on this list from the Los Angeles area. 
Please tell me it doesn't have to be this difficult. I am definitely 
motivated to produce a list of sources so no one has to go through this, 
but I don't have one single place to put on the list yet ... well, there 
is one: You can buy a 55G plastic barrel at the aptly named Apex Drum 
Company in Commerce for $50.

Jerry Baker
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