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Re: [APD] Sources of DIY Material

Jerry Baker wrote:

>Has anyone started to collect sources of DIY material yet? I have a hard 
>time calling business after business looking for this or that. It sure 
>seems a waste for each person to have to go through that. If there isn't 
>a list, I'm going to make one. No need to duplicate effort though.
>For instance, it took me three days to find a place in the Los Angeles 
>area that sells silica sand suitable for the aquarium. They sell it in 
>75lb bags for $6.99. There should be some repository of this information.
I would be willing to host such a place on my website.  www.rexgrigg.com

But really in LA it should have taken no more than 3 minutes with the 
yellow pages and one or two phone calls.  You need to think outside the 
(glass) box and think about what you are trying to find.  You wanted 
sand.  I'm not sure where you looked.  But immediately I would think 
Sand Blasting, and then Industrial Supply Houses.  Sand Blasting supply 
places would of course carry a large variety of sand.  Industrial Supply 
Houses of course carry large varieties of bulk materials of all sorts, 
sand included.

When I needed 100 lb bag of coarse sand here in Portland it took me one 
look at the Yellow pages and one phone call.  Then just driving down to 
pick it up.

What needs to happen is people need to get out of the Home Depot/Lowe's 
thinking and look around.  There are at least a dozen specialty 
suppliers here in the Portland area alone.  I have yet to have to order 
anything for a DIY project.  I have always been able to find everything 
I needed locally.  Now I will admit that Portland is not a small town 
but it's not L.A. either.

If you want tubing or fittings check a hose supply house.  If you want 
odd PVC fittings check a plumbing supply house.  If you want gravel/sand 
check with a sand blasting supply or a industrial supply house.  You 
need your CO2 cylinder filled check a fire extinguisher service shop, 
they go though more CO2 than just about anyone else and not only that 
they normally fill while you wait and most can do hydro-testing.

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