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Re: [APD] Sources of DIY Material

Jerry are you seeking large grit Silica/Quartz?

Jerry Baker wrote:

>Jerry Baker wrote:
>>I will try on Monday just to see if someone will offer it as cheaply as 
>>I used to get Texblast in Colorado for. I also found a place called A1 
>>Grit that sells some beautifully colored ceramic-coated stuff they call 
>>"granules" (http://www.a1grit.com/granules_blended.htm). I have an email 
>>pending with them to see if this stuff is drinking-water safe (easier 
>>than asking someone if they know how toxic it is to fish), and if the 
>>particle size is in the neighborhood of what is needed in an aquarium. 
>>I'll screen it if I have to.
>No dice. The granules may have various chemical treatments added to them 
>as they are meant to be spread over rooftops. I have located several 
>places that sell "filter sand" and it is virtually identical to the 
>white colored sand that everyone else sells. For those of you who don't 
>know what I mean about white colored sand, go down to Home Depot and 
>look at their play sand. That's the only sand/gravel you can get in 
>Southern California. I give up. Now I will start searching in other states.
>Thanks everyone for their assistance on this one.
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