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Re: NFC: Re: minnow trap vandals

Norman Edelen wrote:

> At least they left you the trap.  I have had three traps removed from the
> creek in my backyard.  For some reason, people can't seem to leave minnow
> traps alone.  I should have hidden the lines better, but I figured no one
> would be on my property, so I simply tied the lines to a handy tree branch
> with no thought of concealment.

Yeah the trap itself was concealed pretty well, *under* the river bank. 
There is a big tree that hangs right over the river, and I shoved the
trap under its roots since I frequently see minnows take refuge in there
when people approach.

My recovery line was bright white kite string and even though it was in
the weeds I suppose it would be visible to anyone approaching the bank
at this point.

I'll make up for my losses there on saturday when I'll have some seining
partners. :)


"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls
and looks like work." --Edison 
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