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Re: NFC: minnow trap vandals

In a message dated 7/29/99 8:38:01 AM US Central Standard Time, 
hedemark at raleigh_ibm.com writes:

<<  I went to collect the fish from my minnow trap yesterday and some
 [explicative] emptied out my minnow trap and wasn't even nice enough to
 put it back in the water. >>

When I leave traps out overnight, I have taken to putting them in dark water 
and hiding the line.  If it is sandy, I cover the line with sand and then 
place some rocks on top of that.  Sometimes I have tied the line off 

I use black marine quality twine I bought at Walmart so it is less visible.  
You just have to remember or mark an area near where the trap is.  So far, I 
have only lost one trap but figure it was my own faulty memory.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA