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NFC: Re: minnow trap vandals

Hello Chris,

At least they left you the trap.  I have had three traps removed from the
creek in my backyard.  For some reason, people can't seem to leave minnow
traps alone.  I should have hidden the lines better, but I figured no one
would be on my property, so I simply tied the lines to a handy tree branch
with no thought of concealment.


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Well it had to happen sooner or later.

I went to collect the fish from my minnow trap yesterday and some
[explicative] emptied out my minnow trap and wasn't even nice enough to
put it back in the water.  There was a car parked about 50 yards away by
the river, with nobody in it.  windows down and engine still hot.  the
minnow trap was still wet.  I figured there was an excellent chance
whoever was driving that car did it.

Whoever it is, they hid pretty good (easy to do along the Eno) because I
couldn't find them.  I wanted to see if this person happened to have a
lot of bait in the form of creek chubs (the most common species I
collect at that specific place).

I wish people would treat minnow traps with the same courtesy as crab
pots.  *sigh*


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