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Re: NFC: Me on Detractors and stuff

>   Ok, so audobon doesn't sell birds.   Who wants a pet robin?  Crow
> anyone?  Nah, our birds are pretty ugly, and hard to domesticate, even if
> they were as attractive as a budgie or parrot.
This is exactly how most people feel about our fishes!  Plus, crows 
make great pets.  They're very intelligent.

> The fish are a different  issue.


> No one's off getting rid of endangered or even remotely > 
> species.  We're just trading and exchanging fish, something thats been
> going on for ages.  ANd, if anything, it HELPS the conservation ideas.
> Who gives a damn about a bunch of shiners in a stream, anyhow?  Who cares
> about those pretty fishes that go in every tank?  Its human nature to care
> more about the ones we can use directly.  By showing people our
> natives,and getting them involved in them, we can better protect 

OK.  As I've stated, I don't ahve a problem with individuals wanting 
to make a profit on this.  I've even thought about it myself, but lack 
the time to do so.  And I agree that by spreading the wealth, so to 
speak, we can raise awareness.  This is something that will 
happen regardless of whether the NFC gives it's stamp of approval.  
And if that person wants to contribute a percentage of his profits to 
the club, then great!  Let's make him a "Fellow of the NFC", or 
some such.  But, not to mince words here, what our "sanction" 
means is that we approve of the commercial exploitation of a 
precious natural resource, which seems to me the wrong message 
to send.  

If, in the collective wisdom of our members and the Trustees, we 
decide to continue this course of action, we must set up a set of 
guidelines for who we will sanction and why.  The guidelines must 
be something other than "they give part of the proceeds to the 
NFC."  They should also be measurable and enforcable.



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"Fie on thee, fellow!  Whence come these fishes?" - Scheherazade

"Any fish with good teeth is liable to use them." - Wm. T. Innes

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