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NFC: Me on Detractors and stuff

Hey all,
  The arthritis in my hands is really acting up.. so please forgive my
  The last thing I think anyone in either (or both) orgs want is a
"faction war."  NFC and NANFA have different goals and ideas.... lets face
it, thats part of the reason NFC was founded.  They shouldn' tbe viewed as
two giants trying to duke it out, where only one can survive.  The two
orgs have different member bases and spectrums, a fact that should be.
Now, where our goals and such overlap, theres little need for any
detraction or war.  The only thing this does is make things a littl harder
on both orgs.  
Sale of Exotics
   Why not?  It raises funds for NFC.  If we're trying to remove the fish
-- which we are -- why not make them useful in the proccess?  Theres
demand for them, someone's got to supply them.  This, obviously, does lead
to unscrupulous fellows stocking exotics to reap profits.  THIS is where
we need to concentrate -- on education, better law enforcement, etc.  
Sale of Natives
  Ok, so audobon doesn't sell birds.   Who wants a pet robin?  Crow
anyone?  Nah, our birds are pretty ugly, and hard to domesticate, even if
they were as attractive as a budgie or parrot.  The fish are a different
issue.  No one's off getting rid of endangered or even remotely threatened
species.  We're just trading and exchanging fish, something thats been
going on for ages.  ANd, if anything, it HELPS the conservation ideas.
Who gives a damn about a bunch of shiners in a stream, anyhow?  Who cares
about those pretty fishes that go in every tank?  Its human nature to care
more about the ones we can use directly.  By showing people our
natives,and getting them involved in them, we can better protect them. 

This probbly didn't make too much sense, since I'm having quite a bit of
trouble typing....  Oh well

J. L. Wiegert
 Dubotchugh yIpummoH.                      bI'IQchugh Yivang!
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