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Re: NFC: RE: NFC "sanctions" and our detractors...

I'm very sorry I said this as I could have made my point without it.  I 
was kind of hoping that those who knew what I meant would nod 
their heads knowingly and keep it to themselves, so that newer 
members wouldn't have to witness the carnage.  I should have 
known better.  You're right Jay, I certainly cannot claim that any 
organisation has taken a position on the NFC's sanctioned sale of 
wild-caught natives.

> These comments are misleading and non-representative of NANFA's goals or
> discussions.  Phrases like "detractors" and "doubted our sincerity" can only
> serve to accomplish what you claim you want to avoid.   I'm also in NANFA
> and have been on their discussion lists and involved in their operations for
> over two years.  I am saying publicly that they don't discuss NFC or the
> operating affairs of any other club or organization.  There are other NFC
> members who are on the NANFA email lists who can verify what I just said.
> If a particular NANFA or NFC or Audubon Society member has an opinion on
> that topic or any other, remember-- opinions are like ***holes-- everyone's
> got one :-).  Martin, if you believe any particular NFC policy is wrong, you
> should state that as your personal opinion.  "Being somewhat abstract" as
> you did above can only serve to revive "unpleasantries" or create new ones.
> Jay DeLong
> Olympia, WA



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