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Re: NFC: Re: Collecting and BP...ETC

> However I think that is a compelling reason for our bylaws regarding
> officer's terms to be adjusted for shorter terms.  Right now it is a 3 year
> term.  Actually I think we're coming up on that term limit soon aren't we?

Okay, I've kept out of this mostly up until now...but I want to say
something.  I for one am not too concerned about where my measely $10
membership per year (which I need to get in the mail ASAP) goes.  The fact
that the NFC has and is providing education to many about native fish
species is what is paramount here...not who cashes the checks.  For that
matter as a 501c corp. we have to keep our finances "out in the open" as
it is.  Plus, considering our small member base, it's not like we are
talking huge bucks here.  I also don't like the idea of tampering with the
length of the terms.  I still think that is a flaw in NANFA's
administration, as it gives practically no time to implement policies and
ideas before "new" people come rushing in to further their own
agendas.  It's happened in the past and the organization (which as a whole
I like, but there are individuals I have nothing but utter cotempt
for) has suffered greatly from such interal "politiking".  I want none of
it here.  If individuals don't like the way things are going, my simple
advice is to either just accept it or leave.  We don't need this kind of
silly debate in this organization.  It's petty, divides us, and draw
attention away from our main purpose.


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