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Re: NFC: Re: Collecting and BP...ETC My two cents. :)

This is one of the best threads I've seen going on the list in a while....

<List Mom Hat>  Chris is a guy of few words.  Sometimes, when you don't take
the time to put extra ones there, it comes out a little harshly, especially
when you lose tone and so ofrth to text.  I personally didn't take his
arguements as confrontational, and hope others wont' as well.

</List Mom Hat>
<NFC Guy Hat>
I'd like to see some bits of information disimeninated a little better, as
well. . . . There are a lot of subdivisions of the NFC, such as the
Breeder's Program, the ERP, and so forth, all of which have heads and so
forth.  There are lots of officers in the NFC, and we're not quite sure who
they all are.   Part of that difficulty is the turn-over rate of some of our
heads.  For instance, the BP is a torch that seems to glow for a few weeks
when someoen gets interested in it, fizzle and die whent hey get
dissillusioned and realise, "My god, ninety percent of these people are just
trying to scam me for free fish."  So, that program fizzles and eventually
dies, until someone else gets excited about it, and the process starts all
over again.  Maybe we're growing too fast for ourselves?

The other problem I see with the NFC is that its members and workers have
personal lives.  We lost Konrad as Flier Editor when he realised he needed
to dedicate more time to his book.  I put a lot of time into the Flier.  I
barely skip a beat before starting the last one after finishing it... .and,
well, sometimes personal life gets in my way as well.  I had to put the
Flier away for almost two weeks to go on vacation (EEP!)  Solution?
Unfortunately, there really isn't one.... As dedicated as we all can be, its
hard....  As CHris was saying, he's like many other members out there.  He'd
like to get involved, but ... so little time, so many things to do.
This stops being a problem, and starts becoming a reality.  We just have to
accept it. . . . Maybe our treasurer can't get reports out monthly --
they're a lot of work, and he's got work to do outside of the NFC ...

I agree strongly with Luke on his point about shorter terms.  The idea of an
annual or even two year term is difficult at best, and a problem of amny
other orgs.  Like it or not, we're a political org, and politics have to
play a small part.  The shorter the term, the bigger it plays.

Obviously, there are a few problems. . . .  I've gotten a lot from reading
these debates so far, and hopefully RR and I will be able to address some of
them in the January Flier, the next one to go to press. . . .


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> > However I think that is a compelling reason for our bylaws regarding
> > officer's terms to be adjusted for shorter terms.  Right now it is a 3
> > term.  Actually I think we're coming up on that term limit soon aren't
> Okay, I've kept out of this mostly up until now...but I want to say
> something.  I for one am not too concerned about where my measely $10
> membership per year (which I need to get in the mail ASAP) goes.  The fact
> that the NFC has and is providing education to many about native fish
> species is what is paramount here...not who cashes the checks.  For that
> matter as a 501c corp. we have to keep our finances "out in the open" as
> it is.  Plus, considering our small member base, it's not like we are
> talking huge bucks here.  I also don't like the idea of tampering with the
> length of the terms.  I still think that is a flaw in NANFA's
> administration, as it gives practically no time to implement policies and
> ideas before "new" people come rushing in to further their own
> agendas.  It's happened in the past and the organization (which as a whole
> I like, but there are individuals I have nothing but utter cotempt
> for) has suffered greatly from such interal "politiking".  I want none of
> it here.  If individuals don't like the way things are going, my simple
> advice is to either just accept it or leave.  We don't need this kind of
> silly debate in this organization.  It's petty, divides us, and draw
> attention away from our main purpose.
> Luke

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