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Re: NFC: Re: Collecting and BP...ETC

Luke said:
> Okay, I've kept out of this mostly up until now...but I want to say
> something.  I for one am not too concerned about where my measely $10
> membership per year (which I need to get in the mail ASAP) goes.

Oh, neither am I.  I am concerned where my measly $10 goes when it is
combined with yours, and Boo's, and Wally's, and everyone else's.

> The fact
> that the NFC has and is providing education to many about native fish
> species is what is paramount here...not who cashes the checks.

I'd like some more concrete examples of that, please.  THAT is what I have
been asking for.  I'm not saying there is anything improper going on with
the money necessarily.  But what IS going on with it is a mystery.  If there
is actual NFC-sponsored education going on, let's hear more about it.  The
lines of communication are fairly closed right now, which could be
discouraging to others who may want to get involved but don't *see* anything
else happening.

> For that
> matter as a 501c corp. we have to keep our finances "out in the open" as
> it is.

Forgive me, I am not adept at navigating through IRS forms.  How exactly can
I find this out?  Where are the monthly reports filed?

> Plus, considering our small member base, it's not like we are
> talking huge bucks here.

I'm not worried so much about how much money we're talking about here, but
where it is going and how effective that has been for the concerns of the

> I also don't like the idea of tampering with the
> length of the terms.  I still think that is a flaw in NANFA's
> administration, as it gives practically no time to implement policies and
> ideas before "new" people come rushing in to further their own
> agendas.

Our current officers have had almost three years now I think to implement
policies and ideas.  I have seen Robert doing a lot of the work single
handedly.  Who are the other officers?  I don't even know who the club
officers are (this would be good to have on the front page of the web site
perhaps).  I see where you are coming from, but I respectfully disagree.  A
shorter term is an incentive to get more done in less time, and make your
mark on club history  through accomplishments.  If someone wants to be in
office for more than one year, they have an incentive to get lots of stuff
done so we will keep them in office.

> It's happened in the past and the organization (which as a whole
> I like, but there are individuals I have nothing but utter cotempt
> for) has suffered greatly from such interal "politiking".  I want none of
> it here.  If individuals don't like the way things are going, my simple
> advice is to either just accept it or leave.  We don't need this kind of
> silly debate in this organization.  It's petty, divides us, and draw
> attention away from our main purpose.

Luke, this is such a bitter approach.  "Accept it or leave".  How about
"Accept it or change it"?  Oh, it would be a lot easier for me to just shut
up and leave.  I'm sure some of you would like that.  Maybe I will, who
knows.  Personally I think with a good kick in the pants and some reform in
how we do business, this club could do a lot more for the cause of endemic
fishes than it is doing today.

How come when someone comes in here and offers constructive criticism,
rather than really answering the tough questions, the response I get back is
the use of juvenile tactics such as calling my suggestions "petty" or
"silly".  How, sir, do you expect to be taken seriously when this is how you
treat the concerned opinions of a fellow member that is trying to make a
positive difference?  Whether I am WRONG or not is not the point, but how
the ideas and opinions are recieved.  If your opinion was really based on
good reasoning, you would be able to soundly blast me out of here by
addressing my points one by one and show me I am being silly without calling
the opinion silly explicitly.  Rather, the response I have gotten was
general negativity without ANYONE yet showing accountability for club
resources collected & spent.

I have seen Robert post a few times, and it is really frustrating, that some
of the direct issues I took up have STILL not been answered.  I am
*delighted* that a financial report will be in the next flier, and that is
ONE of the things I asked him.  Robert, why are you evading me?  I never
accused you of anything, but you evade my questions and points as if I were
Kenneth Star and you were President Clinton.  This is nothing of the sort.
This is a concerned club member addressing the club president about club
business, asking directly for consideration of points that I think will have
a positive impact on the club.  If I am wrong, fine, but at least give me
the respect of directly addressing my points and either agreeing or debating
them on their merits.

Pastor Chris

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