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Re: NFC: Re: Collecting and BP...ETC

Well put, I agree its only 10 bucks. I belong to so many fish clubs at the
local and national level it just doesn't matter to me where the 10-20 bucks
I spend on each one goes. To me if each club helps out one person learn
about aquatic life thats worth it to me.

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> > However I think that is a compelling reason for our bylaws regarding
> > officer's terms to be adjusted for shorter terms.  Right now it is a 3
> > term.  Actually I think we're coming up on that term limit soon aren't
> Okay, I've kept out of this mostly up until now...but I want to say
> something.  I for one am not too concerned about where my measely $10
> membership per year (which I need to get in the mail ASAP) goes.  The fact
> that the NFC has and is providing education to many about native fish
> species is what is paramount here...not who cashes the checks.  For that
> matter as a 501c corp. we have to keep our finances "out in the open" as
> it is.  Plus, considering our small member base, it's not like we are
> talking huge bucks here.  I also don't like the idea of tampering with the
> length of the terms.  I still think that is a flaw in NANFA's
> administration, as it gives practically no time to implement policies and
> ideas before "new" people come rushing in to further their own
> agendas.  It's happened in the past and the organization (which as a whole
> I like, but there are individuals I have nothing but utter cotempt
> for) has suffered greatly from such interal "politiking".  I want none of
> it here.  If individuals don't like the way things are going, my simple
> advice is to either just accept it or leave.  We don't need this kind of
> silly debate in this organization.  It's petty, divides us, and draw
> attention away from our main purpose.
> Luke