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Re: [APD] Proper disposal of Aquatic plants and hobbyist responsibility

Great Topic Dennis, something I'm quite passionate about myself.   
Here in Australia, even though we have real tough quarantine laws, we  
still struggle with problems from introduced invasive species.

Problems that exist in Australia, even right here in Queensland are  
where are rivers and dams are choked with Camomba, Lagarosiphon,  
Salvinia and the aforementioned Eicchornia crassipes.  I too have  
seen rivers (the Fitzroy for those interested) choked by water  
hyacinth - not only do you face problems with eutrophication, but  
commonly the plant mass becomes so thick that not only does it shade  
out all other vegetation, but the water becomes anoxic, and most  
everything under it dies - including fish.  I have seen the same with  
salvinia, and I hate it.

We have a hard enough time getting plants into australia as it is....  
we still haven't seen HC on our shores, and to be honest, I believe  
the only way to rememdy the situation - as you said, is to educate  
people that releasing things where they don't belong is a BAD idea.

So ANYWAY... Any cuttings I can't sell/give away I leave out in the  
hot dry sun to cook and dry out first - then I put em in a plastic  
bag, tie it tight and throw it in the trash.  Short of using an  
autoclave, you probably don't get much deader n that ;)


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