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[APD] Proper disposal of Aquatic plants and hobbyist responsibility

Hi all,
    I have started a thread over at www.aquaticplantcentral.com to 
discuss this topic.  I am very interested in discussing how we, as 
hobbyists, can be responsible in our protection of the native.natural 
ecosystems.  Please, don;t think me to nutty-crunchy but I feel that it 
is ultimately in our best interest to ensure that we do not introduce 
more invasive, non-natives than we already have.   I feel that the 
proper way to do this is to discuss how to prevent our hobby from 
escaping, educating others (new people, LFS, etc) and making it 
understood that a lack of responsibility will only result in tighter 
regulations and government control.  I feel that the more responsible we 
are, and the more we educate others, the more we will be able to enjoy 
the vast array of interesting aquatics and exotics.

I would appreciate any insight in to the proper disposal and destruction 
of unwanted plants/trimming.  How do we do it?   How do we make it fast, 
easy and safe in order to help encourage more people?  How do we educate 
others?  Lets turn this into something positive!

Please check out this thread:

I think that if we try to keep this topic centered in as few places as 
possible, at least in the beginning, we will better be able to 
assimilate and learn from each other, sort out what is revelent and 
start figuring out how to show this to others.

Thanks for your time,
Dennis Dietz
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