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Re: [APD] Madagascar Lace

At 02:15 PM 2/20/07 -0700, you wrote:
>I have a Madagascar Lace that is about to produce another flower.
>I have had this plant for years and it amazes me that it continues to 
>flourish even when I fall behind in my tank maintenance.
>After all this time, I do not recall reading anywhere about why this 
>plant produces the lace like structure of the leaves.
>Does anyone on the list know a good resource where I can find out more 
>about the plant? If possible, I'd like to know how to pollinate the 
>flower and make it produce seeds. I'm afraid to split the root for fear 
>of damaging it.

Yeah that seldom works. They don't seem to self-fertilize that I know of.
You need another flower. Good show keeping leaves for years though.

What temperature is it at and how big is it? You got pics?


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