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Re: [APD] Proper disposal of Aquatic plants and hobbyist responsibility

Liz Wilhite wrote:
> With all due respect invasive plant species, including aquatic plants, are a
> big issue.  They are choking out native plants and upsetting the balance
> that also allows native animal species to thrive.
> Louisiana is breathtaking in the spring when an enormous portion of the
> Achafalaya Basin is covered in blooming water hyacinth.  It's a real problem
> with real consequences.
Thank you Liz.  This is exactly one of the things I was talking about.  
Most people have no idea this is even a potential problem.  It is easy 
to assume that since they are tropical plants that the winter will kill 
them.  The truth is that it is surprising how many can over-winter or 
find other means of lasting through cold snaps.  Compost can be 
potential problematic since often the layers formed will retain moisture 
and protect from extreme weather.

In your example, the water hyacinth can be so invasive than it not only 
forces out natives but eventually can lead to intense eutrophication and 
fish kills if there is a sudden die off or influx of nutrient.

> In Wyoming it's likely that composting isn't an issue.  In particularly wet
> areas it is not a safe disposal method.  But even in cold water, a
> remarkable number of aquatic plants that don't do so well in aquaria do
> extremely well in local lakes, rivers and ponds.  I can see that right down
> the road from me here in north Idaho.

To true!  Remember, what we consider a healthy and happy plant does not 
necessarily make a dead plant in nature.  I have collected and observed 
plenty of gross, dirty, algae covered native species (and invasive ones) 
that would make me give up if they were in my aquarium, yet they are 
part of a stand covering 1/2 an acre and thriving much more than it 
would seem based on first appearance.

Also, one of the points I was trying to make is that while we/many see a 
stand of water hyacinth and think "amazing, pretty", the state 
conservation and protection folks see a lot of money being spent to 
correct a problem.  This in turns makes them grumble about those damn 
hobbyists which leads to stricter laws and more regulation.

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