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Re: [APD] CO2 bubbles surface area

Stuart Halliday wrote:
> BTW, in my setup the bubbles get a lot smaller very quickly. But I did 
> notice that by two thirds up they're just tiny bubbles and not getting any 
> smaller.
> So they don't dissolve completely which seems odd to me.

Not to belabor the "other thread", but this is the major thing that 
leads me to believe that the CO2 mist is not CO2. CO2 dissolves very 
quickly. Why would it suddenly stop when the surface area is larger? It 
seems reasonable that the other gases are diffusing into the bubble 
while the CO2 is exiting. By the time the CO2 is essentially out, there 
is enough O2 and N2 to leave a small bubble.

We know for sure that other gases will diffuse into the CO2 bubble, but 
what we haven't measured yet is whether that diffusion is sufficient to 
explain the persistent little bubble.

Jerry Baker
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