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Re: [APD] DIY CO2 recipe for 20 gal tank?

Since yeast multiply quickly to the maximum population, it seems to me that
changing the CO2 recipe maybe won't solve the problem. But what about using
a smaller container? I use the Hagen CO2 plant-gro system which I love
because of the cool way the bubbles dissolve going up the little ladder. But
it also has a much smaller container than a liter or 2 liter bottle, which
it seems to me would limit the amount of CO2 it can generate. Sorry, I don't
know its volume.
 One other thing about the cool ladder is that it lets you see how much
faster CO2 dissolves into water than regular air. When you first refill it,
there is air in the canister, which is pushed out as CO2 is formed. CO2
bubbles almost completely dissolve before they reach the top of the ladder,
but the air bubbles arely dissolve at all.
 And how cool is it to watch the bubbles shrink?
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