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Re: [APD] CO2 Experiment #2

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Chris Hotte wrote:
>> Does the surface area of the bubble come into play? If you have a 
>> smaller bubble, and more availble bonds, or vise versa... does it really 
>> make a difference? Wouldn't the ratio be the same either way?
> I would think that as the bubbles got smaller, and their surface area to 
> volume ratio increased, they would dissolve faster. I do not have any 
> empirical data to back that up, but it just seems intuitive. It might be 
> a tangent worth exploring at some point.

They don't.

I've got a Nutrafin Hagen CO2 yeast system that has a ladder the bubbles go up.


As they fo up this ladder they get smaller but you can plainly see the 
bubbles shrinking slower and slower as they go up.

I can take a video of it and post it if it's of interest?

Surely as they get smaller their surface area to volume ratio decreases?

Stuart Halliday
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