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[APD] CO2 bubbles surface area

Rachel Sandage wrote:
> Maybe it is because I only have one bottle going?
>  I've got 2 of the bottles linked together onto one ladder.
>> Personally I didn't find the bubbles shrank that much actually.
>> I'll have to look at them more closely.

No you're right Rachel.

I took a good long look tonight and they do get smaller.

<sheepish>Sorry, I guess I didn't pay it enough attention.</sheepish>

BTW, in my setup the bubbles get a lot smaller very quickly. But I did 
notice that by two thirds up they're just tiny bubbles and not getting any 

So they don't dissolve completely which seems odd to me.
Perhaps it's to do with their surface area?

We need a CO2 expert here! ;-)

I guess when they're bigger, more of the bubble is in contact with the water 
so it dissolves faster.

I can take a short video of it and post it on my web site if it's off 
interest to anyone on the list?

Stuart Halliday
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