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Re: [APD] Want to see micro bubbles that are CO2?

ok yeah. it looks exactly the same to me at morn before lights, after 
lights, and midday
this was a big deal for me when i first started doing it and was 
tlakiong about it at APC

Jerry Baker wrote:

>urville wrote:
>>i cant tell any "visual" difference and I've definitly been up long 
>>through those hours especially when the tank was in it's first two weeks
>>this is also true in my larger fish tank
>In the early morning you still see roughly the same amount of bubbles 
>swirling around in the tank as you do near then end of the day (not the 
>bubbles coming right out of the reactor, but ones that survive to travel 
>around the tank)?
>Just as a clarification, late night and early morning refer to the 
>photoperiod, and not the time on the clock. So, after the tank has been 
>dark for a few hours being "late at night", and after the tank has been 
>dark for somewhere around 12 - 14 hours being "early in the morning".
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