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Re: [APD] Want to see micro bubbles that are CO2?

Jerry Baker wrote:
> The only way to test whether those bubbles are CO2 is to capture them 
> and analyze their contents. Or, if you have a tank with no live animals 
> in it, you can wait until the mist is going and then remove all the 
> oxygen from the water using sodium sulfite or something and see if the 
> mist dies. I do not have a tank with which to try this yet.

One other possibility is to just leave the whole setup going at night so 
that CO2 levels remain constant. If it is CO2 causing the mist, the mist 
will continue on during the night as CO2 levels stay constant. If the 
misting stops during the night and the early morning, then we can be 
pretty sure it's O2.

Jerry Baker
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