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[APD] Want to see micro bubbles that are CO2?

A simple practical solution to seeing if the CO2 bubbles persist
longer than the few seconds some claim is using an internal
reactor with a venturi.

Simply invert it, and then crank a lot of CO2 gas in there.
You can do this at the AM, then at PM and measure the CO2 level
at each time.

Pretty easy.

Add enough CO2 to start up the venturi and have it spit mist.
This mist comes from the CO2 you just added(no other gas build

You set the bubble rate at the normal rate for the tank and then
leave it. The Mist persist quite a long time and goes all over
the tank.

I spoke with a member last night at SVAS who tried this and said
her tank did much better when the mist is allowed to go all over
the tank(and it does if you observe). As a matter of
observation, everyone that has tried it reports the same thing.
In the AM, no mist is produced without over loading the
reactor(which quickly stops the venturi and the gas bubble
colected at the top is reduced back down), the same CO2 bubble
level added takes about 5x less time to dissolve. The mist
persist and anyone can do this for a few $ and see the mist and
then they will know. In the PM, adding the gas will over load
the level and start the venturi and the mist shoots all around
the tank. Folks see this daily. 

The venturi designed reactors have been around for about 8-9
years and I sold a number also so this observation is nothing

You can say that the mist does not persist or is completely
dissolves, but all you have to do is try this simple cheap
method, then you will know that it does.

Since the reactor is easily inverted to purge any gas, then
refilled asap with CO2, the venturi mist is now only CO2.

And it does not take a few seconds to dissolve, anyone can watch
the mist go all over and also note their plants growth much

Disconnect the venturi and run it without and see how the plants

Folks with these devices can easily tell what occurs and purge
the reactor easy enough to try this(therefore the mist is all
CO2 at that point). They can tell how long it takes to dissolve
the CO2 bubble and how long the CO2 mist persist in the AM vs

The thing is, the mist does improve growth vs not adding it. 
The disc (ADA, Azoo, etc) also does a similar thing later in the
day. Simply try this out and see if it works(cheap, easy and
will improve growth, reduce algal issues).
Tom Barr






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