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Re: [APD] Want to see micro bubbles that are CO2?

Thomas Barr wrote:
> Folks with these devices can easily tell what occurs and purge
> the reactor easy enough to try this(therefore the mist is all
> CO2 at that point). They can tell how long it takes to dissolve
> the CO2 bubble and how long the CO2 mist persist in the AM vs
> PM.

This is where I personally believe you are going wrong. Even doing as 
you suggest here will not prove that the mist is CO2. The bubbles will 
start out as pure CO2 as you say, but that won't last. Later in the day 
when the O2 is near or slightly above saturation, it's going to diffuse 
right into those CO2 bubbles very quickly and cause the effect we have 
been talking about. In other words, the CO2 is diffusing out of the 
bubble and O2 is diffusing into it at the same time. We can't see this 
happen. All we see is a bubble that looks like it's not dissolving.

The only way to test whether those bubbles are CO2 is to capture them 
and analyze their contents. Or, if you have a tank with no live animals 
in it, you can wait until the mist is going and then remove all the 
oxygen from the water using sodium sulfite or something and see if the 
mist dies. I do not have a tank with which to try this yet.

Jerry Baker
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