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Re: [APD] Want to see micro bubbles that are CO2?

urville wrote:
> i cant tell any "visual" difference and I've definitly been up long 
> through those hours especially when the tank was in it's first two weeks
> this is also true in my larger fish tank

In the early morning you still see roughly the same amount of bubbles 
swirling around in the tank as you do near then end of the day (not the 
bubbles coming right out of the reactor, but ones that survive to travel 
around the tank)?

Just as a clarification, late night and early morning refer to the 
photoperiod, and not the time on the clock. So, after the tank has been 
dark for a few hours being "late at night", and after the tank has been 
dark for somewhere around 12 - 14 hours being "early in the morning".

Jerry Baker
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