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Re: [APD] Sources of DIY Material

Liz Wilhite wrote:
>  Dark colored sands are not easy to find if you aren't willing to pay 
> megabucks -- at least that's been my experience. I found some bulk black 
> sand at an Issaquah, WA aquarium shop but it wasn't cheap though I no longer 
> remember the price. They also had my favorite sand -- light colored fine 
> Monterey Sand. Carrib-Sea packages various colors of sand but its kinda like 
> covering the bottom of your tank in gold in terms of dollars. Some of their 
> cichlid sands are quite nice but may affect water chemistry -- I've never 
> checked.

Thanks for the reply. It doesn't have to be dark. I'm just looking for 
something that isn't white. Texblast would be fine. Anything resembling 
a natural color that isn't very light. This is proving to be way more 
difficult than I imagined. If and when I do find it I will definitely 
post it here so that others can find it.

Jerry Baker
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