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Re: [APD] Silicone that really sticks

no silicone i know of at that distance. I would reccomend epoxy, it's 
permanent, not exactly sure how it grips glass, but if i know epoxy it 
should. also it should say on the  package

Tom Wood wrote:

>I'm using 1/2" thick black eggcrate across the back of my 90 gallon. It's 
>attached with black zipties to standoffs made of black eggcrate that is 
>siliconed to the tank walls. The silicone fails regularly when doing 
>maintenance that applies a stress to the connection. I've used GE RTV 108 
>designed for aquariums as well as the regular hardware store stuff. Is 
>there a type, or glue, that will grip the glass better? The standoffs are 
>two cells wide by about eight inches long, so the connection to the glass 
>is 1/2" by 8" long.
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