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Re: [APD] Re: Online Shopping in Canada

On 5/3/05, Rick Engstrom <rick703 at mts_net> wrote: 
> the reason for the higher prices is that Big Al's has no retail stores in
> the U.S but they do in Canada. 

 Some enterprising Canuck should suggest that PetsMart open a Canadian 
online store. :-)
 BTW, the best way to get a deal at your local PetsMart is to take a current 
Big Al's price sheet and catalog or a Foster's and Smith catalog. PetSmart 
does price matching with catalogs. 
 Speaking of deals, Catalina Aquarium http://www.catalinaaquarium.com/ makes 
some pretty danged good equipment at reasonable prices. My local independent 
fish store get's 48" compact fluorescent lights, customized to their specs, 
at a price so low they can make a profit selling them at around $100 for a 
130W freshwater setup. The $100 cannister filter is the older Eheim design 
and is dead quiet. I like being able to shop for dry goods at the LFS and 
spend about what I'd pay online *and* have the LFS make a profit.
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