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RE: [APD] Re: Online Shopping in Canada

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S. Hieber wrote:
"Is it weird or what that Bigallsonline is one of the
lower-priced online stores for USA customers but,
apparently,  one of the higher priced stores in Canada?

... where it seems that April Showers are dragging into May........at this
rate, I'll never get that suntan...

the reason for the higher prices is that Big Al's has no retail stores in
the U.S but they do in Canada. They have to have the same or close the the
same pricing as their retail operations for Canadian customers or who would
bother going to the retail stores? They are or can be 5% cheaper than any
other Canadian on line store such as Mops or J&L as Big Al's will match any
other price for the identical item and reduce that price by a further 5% as
well as ship for free if the order is more than $25 or $30.00.


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