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[APD] Re: Online Shopping in Canada

S. Hieber wrote:
"Is it weird or what that Bigallsonline is one of the
lower-priced online stores for USA customers but,
apparently,  one of the higher priced stores in Canada?

It's a Canadian company, is it not? I wonder what the deal
it there with that? Perhaps Al is saving up to buy a hocky
team?????? ;-)"

Yes, it seem to be weird to me as well. I've checked out the US prices offered to his American customers and compared them to the Canadian prices available to his Canadian customers online for the SAME PRODUCTS, and the Americans invariably get the better deal.

Yes, "Big Al" is a Canadian, and a hell of a nice guy - I've been shopping in his stores for years. Some of his retail staff aren't so hot, but for the wages he probably offers that is only to be expected. It is wise for a consumer of anything to do some research before going shopping

The only reason for the price differential that I can see is that initially, as a "little guy from the Great White North" he knew that he would be up against very stiff competition when entering the online retail market in the US (That Pet Place / Drs. Foster & Smith, etc, etc. etc...), so he probably made a conscious decision to cut his prices to the bone for the US side of the operation in order to get a foothold in the very lucrative US market. The US has over 10X the population of Canada and inefficient/over-priced retailers can get eaten alive there by their competition. So far, it seems to be working for him - many online chats mention Big Al's online as being a very good place to shop for Americans.

Damn it all to Hell - first you have Florida and Hawaii and all that nice weather south of the Mason-Dixon line, now you are getting better retail deals from a Canadian company! I'm thinking of moving to Cuba! ;-)

But, as Richard Sexton can attest to, Canadian Tire is STILL my favorite LFS. GE "Sunshine" fluorescents (C50's, 5000 K full spectrum, great for plants and use in general) are dirt cheap and as long as they carry them, I'll never buy another "aquarium bulb" in a LFS here (although Tritons ARE really cool).

James Purchase

... where it seems that April Showers are dragging into May........at this rate, I'll never get that suntan...

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